The 2003 TCN Awards

Trumgottist Now you can nominate your favourite freeware adventure games of 2003 for the 2003 TCN Awards. Nominations will be accepted until the 13th of January. The voting will begin shortly thereafter and continue until 24.00 GMT the 7th of February.
Kon-Tiki Woah, that time of the year again? This reminds me of last year, when someone nominated Jiggy Jiggy Uh! Uh! for best story o_O Never understood that choice. It has an absolute lack of story ;D
Anyway, time to nominate, no?
*Goes off to dig his memory for the best games*
Trumgottist Now "that time of year" is even further along, and you are all invited to see the nominees and place your votes. There is (a little more than) three weeks until the votes are counted and the winners are announced so you should take the oppurtunity to play some games you haven't seen yet. These are supposed to be the best of the freeware adventure games released in 2003.
Trumgottist voting is closed and the winners are being revealed, one category at the time.