Completely new to AGI

Half-Saint First of all.. I'm running AGI Studio v1.37 under Windows XP. Everything appears to be running fine. But I can't start a new game from a template. Every time I get the same error message saying: Error: Invalid directory "whatever". Anyone else encounter the same error?

What's the best and easiest way to create backgrounds for AGI games? I'm a little bit confused in this matter.. I did a few images back in 1998 for a SQ like game.. now I see that I most probably won't be able to use them. I originally did them in 320x200x256.. anyway, I tried PICEDIT and it's all very confusing not to mention plain clumsy and ugly.. but the biggest obstacle for me is that it goes to 70 Hz and that's killing my eyes. I tried Windows Linux AGI Studio v1.0 but the pic editor seems buggy. How do you create your gfx for games? How do you change the priority? I mean.. I have to many questions.. and can't find any real answers on the net..

Hope someone can help..

Robin_Gravel Hi SainT

Half-Saint wrote:

I originally did them in 320x200x256..

Picedit is no designed to draw backgrounds in 256 colours.
You'll need a tool to edit backgrounds in 256 colours.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 About that error, try creating the directory you want to start your game in from, then create a new game using that directory from AGI Studio.

As for painting priorites, you can click tab to view the priority screen, and you use the right mouse button to select the priority color to paint on the screen.

Right now there isn't a better pic editor, but there is 1 other one in development.
Half-Saint I tried creating a directory but I still get the same error...

Regarding PICEDIT.. I noticed it uses 160x168. What happens to the picture? Does it get stretched? What do different colors mean for priorities? Why does the FILL tool only work on white? Is it a limitation of the tool or a bug?

Also, what format does PICEDIT actually use? PIC or something else? Maybe I could do an image in Autodesk Animator, save it as PIC then load it in PICEDIT and do the priorities?

SainT I think this link will be very useful:

If you want to convert pictures to the pic format, try using Noptec Vector.
Kon-Tiki One horizontal pixel'll become two, while one vertical pixel'll stay one. That's what happens.

The picture format is the AGI format. It's one of a kind.
StrangeQuark wrote:

I think this link will be very useful:

If you want to convert pictures to the pic format, try using Noptec Vector.

Thanks for the links but I already know the first one.. and I downloaded Vector as well.. I examined a few different tutorials on how to do backgrounds but none really explain everything I want to know. For example.. what's the difference between using a black and blue lines in the PRIORITY screen. Also.. how are the colors used to mask the objects in PRI screen related to the priority bands? And how do you outline the object like trees/rocks/whatever so precisely? Surely not "pixel by pixel"? There has to be a method that is more simple.. I mean.. take that H44 Quest for example.. lots of patterns used.. how'd they do it?

I could use some tips from people who already have some experience in doing game gfx. I'd really appreciate it because for about 4 days now I've been struggling with the system..

df have you looked at the visual agi picture editor by Joakim??
AGI1122 The difference between the blue and black on the priority screen is, that black can NEVER be crossed by views no matter what. But blue is conditional, it can be turned on or off so that sometimes the views can cross it, and at other times they can't.
Joel (not logged in) Going to go with the other suggestions and say read some of the tutorials, as well as the PicEdit readme file.

To answer a couple of your questions, the ability to fill only on white is a limitation of the way that AGI does fills. As for outlining objects precisely, you can draw to the visual and priority screens simultaneously.