Jim Quest I

Jim C Jim Quest I is finished, and is ready for download from Chris' AGI site (www.agigames.com), under the SCI fan-made games section. Thanks for checking it so quickly, Chris.

The game was made for some of my friends, so there are a lot of inside jokes in it, but I think (hope?) it will be fun for anyone to play. The graphics aren't the best, but I only had a month to write this game. I believe I took care of most of the bugs, but if anyone finds any, please let me know. Thanks, and have fun!
doan sephim hey jim,
im playin your game and i think its pretty cool (im sure it made an awesome gift)...i have ran into a problem...ive had heap space problems sometimes...im unsure what exactly caused it though. it no biggie cuz i save alot in your game cuz of the deaths and all.
Jim C Thanks for the kind words! They did like the gift a lot. Hmm... I'm surprised you had heap space errors. I haven't gotten any of those since I cut down on the code and the animations. I'll see if I can figure out why it's doing that.
Thanks for checking it so quickly, Chris.
It e-mails me whenver new games are uploaded, and I check my mail a few times daily so not surprising it was fast. I only got a chance to play the first few screens of the game though. I might play it some more later.