Just Introducing Meself...

Nicholas_Kerklaan Hallo. My name is Nicholas Kerklaan. I am a fountain of festering nostalgia for the old Sierra adventure games. It is by accident that I found my way to AGI programming, but now that I have, I thank that apparently non-existant spiritual entity that always seems to have people killing over it for my good fortune. I intend to design an AGI game, so I figured I may as well introduce myself to the forum so that:

a) I don't have to do so when I need to ask for help

b) If and when my game is finished and released, people don't go "Nick, who?" (Or at least, some people.)

and lastly,

c) If I'm going to start mucking around with AGI, I should most likely become part of the local community, because any activitity is more fun when you have like-minded thinkers to discuss it with.

So there you have it, I hope to become a regular contributor to the forum. Details on my game will be posted when I feel