AGI Studio Source

musicstar All.

So I took a look at the source for AGI Studio... Delphi Pascal... Pretty simple language with a decent IDE... no problem!

So I a few questions before I get too tangled....

a- I downloaded my copy of the source from Peter Kelly's site 1.31a, but I get the feeling that this isn't the latest source. He mentions "others" with a now dead link (looks like another start-up goes belly-up). Who are these "others"? Is there a later version of the code?

b- Has anyone made changes on their own (or publicly) to the code that can provide me with some background, cavets, or tidbits?

c- Does anyone out there have Delphi Pascal knowledge and would be interested in helping out?

My short term/long term goals are:

1- Fix Win2k bug I found earlier. I suspect after reading the source that this is fixable by just recompiling the source with a later version of Delphi since the file saving is handled by Delphi Foundation Classes.

2- Setup a project web site for the new AGI Studio possibly with CVS access. Maybe also save Peter some grief and move his documentation over to this site, since he seems to be uninterested in AGI now.

3- Improve the AGI studio with new releases

4- Maybe: Rewrite a new major version

5- Maybe: Explorer (purists close your eyes) bastardized AGI concepts to make AGI more advanced (ie. 256, sound, etc)

6- Maybe: Write a game.

Anyway, any feedback on this would be helpful. How many out there really care to have improvments (or fixes) made to AGI Studio? SCI seems close and maybe AGI will die. But then again classics never die. (Too dramatic...even for me!)

df A new version is done by Helen, in C

this is the unix version
musicstar Ya, I had seen this available on Brian's site. Is there much difference between the Win32 version and the Helen's in terms of functionality? I'm not running Linux on any of my computers.

I aggree it would be probably best to keep one central version in C that can be ported to various platforms. Perhaps the code Peter has written is best from a turtorial and learning perspective now.

Incidentally, I've got access for CVS and web space figured out. I should have it setup this weekend. Expect to see the starts of a new site for AGI Studio soon after.

Perhaps Helen would be interested in moving her code base to the CVS I'm setting up. It is definately reliable as my business uses it daily for our own development (for that matter so will the web site).

Anyway, any other thoughts please post. I'm new to the AGI world in general so if I'm treading on water that has alread been passed please let me know.


Helen If you want to use my sources, that will be fine with me - it doesn't look like I'm doing anything with them lately :-( Please let me know if I have to do something special about the CVS.

I have more functionality in my version, compared to Peter's , I believe it's all documented on my site and the online help. In particular, there is built-in Picedit (which is somewhat buggy compared to the 0.9 version)

IMHO it will be pretty complicated to keep the same sources for Windows and Unix versions, unless someone has the Windows version of QT, which I use for the GUI. Of course there are other packages which can be used instead. (note, this was my first experience with QT, and I practically don't know Pascal, so some of the code looks pretty silly...) But porting it to all the other Unixes should be very easy.

musicstar Okay this weekend I'll be setting up my server stuff for the project. I was planning to setup CVS with an anymous logon to download the source and give out developer logins for those who are involved in active development for the project.

Helen if want to discuss further my email is For that matter if anyone else likes to discuss about the project further feel free to email me. Just put "AGI Studio" or something similar in the subject, since I filter this address heavily.

Nat Budin Anyone looked at the TrollTech website recently?

As of recently, QT for Win32 is now free for non-commercial apps (I assume AGI Studio would qualify).

I plan to try out compiling for Win32 as soon as I get a working Windows C++ compiler.
Helen Thanks, Nat !

Actually, someone told me about the QT just a few days ago, and he also wanted to try compiling AGI studio but I haven't heard from him since then. I guess it will not be straightforward, because I've never thought about porting it to Windows, so it might contain all kinds of Unix specific things (path names, system calls). Un?fortunately I don't have Visual C which seems to be a requirement for the Windows QT (and I regard buying Micro$oft software as a sin :-) so I can't compile it myself.
Has anyone tried compiling it for Kylix (Delphi for Linux)?