Demo Quest????

Gividean Is there anyone out there that know how or where i can get the source to that game please i really need it.
AGI1122 Just open it in AGI Studio, the source is in there.
Gividean whoops im taling about the sci version.
AGI1122 Sorry that source code wasn't released... you will have to ask Brian for it... or wait for the decompiler which can decomiple SCI Scripts.
gindean ya its just i want to put music in my game but i want to know how any one willing to show me.
AGI1122 There is some commented out code in the template for putting music in your game... and if you can't figure out how to get that to work, I am sure someone here can give you examples(I would myself... but I have been up for 2 days straight ;)).
givdean Ya i really need to know it fast! is there anyone out there
cloudee1 (if(Said('use,[turn<on]/radio, music'))
Print("I always did enjoy a lovely tune")
(send gTheMusic: