bokkers Hi there!
Does anyone have some experience with AGISB. How do I implement it? What kind of midi-files can I use?
Dom Shove AGISB.EXE in your game's directory, run it, and it will patch the interpreter to play through the SoundBlaster. As for converting MIDI files, check .
bokkers Thanks for answering so quickly.
I checked the site, but found only the mid2rol and the rol2snd stuff. I downloaded AGIMIDI in the meantime, which seams to be an advanced version of AGISB. As all modern soundcards support the GM-standard nowadays, this one could be even more interesting.
The thing I still don't understand. When the patch makes my interpreter use the soundcard instead of the beeper, the interpreter will still use resources, or am I wrong? And if so: How are the tracks split up? Are there still only 4 channels or 16?
I have the feeling I'll have to play around with the patch. Anyway, I'm absolutely grateful that someone did something like that at all. Soundcard-support for an AGI-game really is a cool thing.