kristel Are there any hints out for V 2?
I love the game but can't get any further. Joey doesn't meet me at the pumping station although I have 2 cameras. (One with tape and batteries)
Do I need to get a rat first, and if so where can I change clothes in that section?
Thanks for any info!!
Bjoern Hi there.
Joey only meets you at the Pumping Station if you've met him before inside the cinema.
Maybe you are standing in the first screen of the Pumping Station (the one with the guard blocking your way). In that case you need something to get past him.
To get that item catching a rat is not a very bad idea :-)
As for the changing of the clothes: You can do that in most rooms that are inside buildings, i.e.: The Resistance Hideout, Mike's house, the cinema etc.
Hope I could help you. If not, please give me more details about what items you have and what you have done previously in the game.
kristel I met Joey in the theatre but I can't get past the guard, since I don't have the id he is asking for. I thought of giving him a ratburger ???? But don't have any money to buy the burger. I do have a rat and various other things like matches, crowbar, v-alphabet, presscard, 2 camera's etc.
Any help is welcome, thanks!
Bjoern To get past the guard you definitely need the id. For that, talk to other Visitors in town. Your idea of offering something to eat is very good.