A Lull in FQ2

Rich Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am sorry to say that it will be a little longer until FQ2 indeed comes out. I just haven't been able to get that inspiration over the last couple of weeks. I attribute it to the fact that I haven't actually seen a pussy in about three months so I kind of forgot how to draw them well. I'm also under-sexed so I'm a pained man. Perhaps you all know the feeling. Anyway, maybe I just need some good porn (which I'm going to seek out this holiday weekend), or maybe I need some geniune pussy again. Although, even for a studmaster like me, it ain't always easy. Ah... if I could only find that woman of my dreams... too bad Icabod f---ed her. And then told her sh#t about me to drive her away forever. Maybe I should just go to a bar, or better yet, a house of ill-repute. That's probably what Rich in my game would do if things got this desperate. Oh well.

More news later. I'm still very excited. Just not as much.

Nicholas_Kerklaan Yes. I am horrifically undersexed. Please complete your game speedily so my seething hormonal lust may be appeased.
Rich Eter Ah, Nick, that is all part of the problem. The extreme undersexing I've experienced of late has taken away my muse, my reason for writing these games. Literally, the other day I was trying to draw a pussy of a woman as she was bent over (so she could do anal in a doggie position), and I just couldn't draw it! I need help!

AX ...reason for writing these games...??? Was FQ1 really written? Just put all the crap together and release the game.
Nicholas_Kerklaan I feel you. I toatally feel where you're coming from. What you have to do, is aqquire something called "pornography". If the people who took the photograph of the naked women weren't pussies themselves, there should be pictures of pussies in there somewhere.
Nicholas_Kerklaan Thinking about it, I realize that perhaps it is not pornography you need. Perhaps you should start seeking comfort in the opposite sex. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, and if you email me, I'll tell you exactly where I live. I'll be expecting you.
AX Hell no! You can find porn in most game sites. As for the invitation, don
Nicholas_Kerklaan Hohoho. I'm a slippery one. That was all just secret code for "Free The Motherland from Swedish Tyrany." And don't flatter yourself Ax. The invitation was meant for Richard, not you. Not that I don't find you sexually attractive, even though I have no idea who you are. If you want, I can send you pictures of myself in suggestive positions. I have time.
Dexter Nicholas Kerklaan,

I've never seen someone so new to this board be so annoying so quickly. Please stop wasting so much bandwidth.

Nicholas_Kerklaan Dexter,

I understand where you're coming from, and I'll try not to make so many pointless posts in the future. However, I don't really think I'm wasting that much bandwith, and any amount that I am wasting is probably quite insignificant. Also, if my posts annoy you, you don't nescesarily have to read them...

One last thing. I looked, but I can't seem to find any other posts by you on this message board. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough, but it doesn't appear that you've ever posted on here before. This means that you are either new to this board, and decided to pounce on me, or you're another person posting that particular comment under a different name. Either way, it makes me take your comment a little less seriously. And I don't know if you've been paying attention, but there are several posters on here who seem just as worthy of being called "annoying" or "a waste of bandwith". I don't see you pouncing on them. Okay, that's two things, but I had to get my point across.

Nicholas Kerklaan
bokkers Hey Nicholas,
the majority of people decides who is annoying and a waste of bandwidth and who's not. I personally can say that I absolutely share Dexter's opinion.
Besides, if I'm wrong and you're a real nice AGI-head: Where's your homepage and your game? Or are you - by pure luck - involved in the legendary F-Quest/L-Quest-project?

Thinking about it, I realize that perhaps it is not pornography you need. Perhaps you should start seeking comfort in the opposite sex. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, and if you email me, I'll tell you exactly where I live. I'll be expecting you.

Hmmm... I appreciate the offer, Nick... but I think that there is a piece of critical information that you should know. You yourself siad I need the comfort of the opposite sex. I will admit that Rich is not my real name, however, my real name is not a feminine one. In other words, I am a guy. That means, I have a penis, and want to place it in a wet place, on the front of a person. Jeez... so unless, you are actually woman, the offer does me no good.

No worries though, Nick. It sounds like you may have a chance with Ax from the sounds of it! Christ, I never saw this place as a hook-up board. Rather, I see it a place where people from around the world can get together to discuss and share their passion for AGI, this mostly forgotten legend from my early days of childhood. Oh, man. I'm so excited. Al Lowe had a good idea with Leisure Suit Larry, but he didn't apply himself properly. That is what I'm trying to accomplish with FQ! I want to complete the work that he started. This is fantastic.


p.s. Screw you, Icabod.
Nicholas_Kerklaan Well bokkers, I have neither a homepage nor a game, because I am currently in the process of learning AGI. I became part of this message board in case I ever needed to ask for help. Granted, I haven't asked for help at all at this point, and I'm certainly not helping matters by pissing people off. So I'll stop. There, I said it. I, Nicholas Kerklaan, will stop pissing people off. Okay, I have tutorials to read. G'bye, and g'day.