Remember Me?

Zero2003 Hey everybody Remeber me im Zero i used to come to the board untill i had disconnect my internet for a while well im still working on crossing blades its HUGE HOLY SHIT YOU WONT BELEVE!!! lol anyways so whats new did that new version of sci studio come yet please tell me all tghe details.
Robin_Gravel Welcome back Zero

My favorite fan of me. Did you play Naturette 3 yet? It's ready to play, full complete.

Robin Gravel
Joey Date Quest 2 is out. lol. welcome back for the 3rd time man.
Zero **not loged in** Indeed i did play it it is so awsome im still in the middle of but i will eventually beat it so whas going on with sci is there any new versions out?
Oliver I've also finished my game. Bob The Farmboy, Guess there have been a lot of game released while you were gone ;) :P
Zero not loged in So whats better at the moment Sci Agi
So whats better at the moment Sci Agi

I can't tell what the game is better than another one. New agi and sci games are awesome. It's up to you to tell which game is better than another one.

Space Quest 0: replicated is a new agi game.
Voodoo girl is finished.
A new Serguei's destiny 2 demo is out with a story.

If you poke around in sci board, you'll find a new abandonned sci game. I'm not remember it's name.

Anyway Zero. What's up about crossing blades?

Robin Gravel
Zero not loged in At the moment im transvering it to sci format the game is competed so if any of you want a copy of the agi version tell me