police quest 1?

guest where can you download this game???? please email me


Dom It would be illegal to download this game; you can probably get it on Ebay, or in a collection pack from Sierra.
Nicholas_Kerklaan Actually, while downloading abandonware may be illegal, there's really nothing wrong with it. The only thing wrong with downloading illegal versions of games is that you take profit away from those that made it. I do not believe in this. However, Police Quest is an old game, and downloading it from Ebay is not going to profit Sierra. It will profit the person he buys it from. As for the collection pack, I don't think Sierra makes it anymore. If I'm mistaken, and they do still make it, all he wants is the first game anyway. If he likes it, he can buy the collection pack for the rest of the games.
smalltownboy http://juegomania.metropoli2000.net/trucos/aventura.html

here you find all (except kq4 agi) agi-games...

bokkers Hey man, you saved my day!  8)
Thanks a 1000 times for posting this link.
Nicholas_Kerklaan Yes, that is actually a very good link. I saw some of the Alone in The Dark games on there too. Thanks. I already emailed our unamed guest friend with a different link, although it is much smaller than this one, containing only a handful of Sierra and Lucas Arts games.
Rich That's great! FQ1 is on that site. How did I get so much notoriety?!? I can't until FQ2 is done now! I'm sure it will even be more popular in this underground game world!

smalltownboy http://www.theunderdogs.org/game.php?id=593

Here you find the kq4 agi version. in my opinion the least of the agi-games. forgot that link in my previous reply.
Nicholas_Kerklaan Rich,

Wow. FQ must be a spectacular game indeed. It's good that a fan made AGI game has managed to achieved the status your game has. To tell you the truth, I haven't actually played FQ yet, mainly because I haven't had time. I vaguely remember the download link on The Ultimate AGI & Sci site not working, but it could be that the memories are distorted from all the pollution in the air. We've gotta save our planet, people. I suppose I could have gone to the FQ site or found it somewhere else... but I'm lazy. Still, it looks interesting, and I may have to check it out. Tell me, is the game basically a raunchier version of Leisure Suit Larry, or is it more involved? And by involved, I mean, do you do anything but attempt to have sex with good looking women?

Nicholas Kerklaan -  because bellbottoms aren't just for girls anymore.
Trapped Uh... is it just me... or... is everything i download from aventura in SPANISH!!!?? Hmm... is there a menu or installation option for Englais?

smalltownboy wrote:


Here you find the kq4 agi version. in my opinion the least of the agi-games. forgot that link in my previous reply.

Actually, the link as it was points to the cyber-squatters who stole the Underdogs' URL. The version as I've quoted it should work (note the dash between "the" and "underdogs").

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I'm doing my part to stomp out UltimateSearch.
PPS - At least, I think that's who the squatters are. I haven't bothered to check too carefully.
AGI1122 Also note that they don't even have Sierra games anymore because of the IDSA.
gpm I almost don't want to ask, but how many of us who have some of Sierra's old games actually bought them - whether bought from a garage sale or when it was new, or whatever?

And how many of us who has obtained these games found a site to download from (that probably ultimately went down when the IDSA went on its little rampage)?

You're not likely to find any of these "oldie but goodie" games on websites anymore.. sad but true.. which leaves peer-to-peer file sharing (enjoy it while it lasts) as the primary distribution format (considering Sierra isn't publishing the originals anymore)

You'd think these software-publishing companies would have a way to make a copy of a program on demand - their website receives an order for any piece of software they ever released, and machinery would automatically go to work making a copy of a program, then sending it out without ever touching a human hand... This is what I learn to do at school...

sonneveld Well, I've managed to buy Space Quest 1-6, Kings Quest 2 and 5, Quest for Glory 1, 2, larry 5, 6, and probably a couple of others I've missed.

- Nick
AGI1122 I have purchased my entire collection of Sierra games legally except for King's Quest 4 AGI which is pretty much practically impossible to find except through andondonware.
gpm That's pretty commendable. If you don't mind me asking, how long (or where, is the more important question) did you search to find them legally? I've been looking for about 5 years and the closest thing to AGI I ever found was Police Quest 3 (which I didn't buy -- I want the REAL good stuff!)

AGI1122 Well I bought mine many years ago when they first came out.
Nailhead I bought every agi and sci game when they first were released (except Mother Goose). I still have every box, in fact I built a nice display to put them in, with lights and everything. Ok, I'll admit it, it's a Sierra shrine. ;)