V-demo question

Kristel I can't find the command to look under the huge blue table in the visitor embassy. It seems I need to find something important there. Can anybody help?
AGI1122 When you look under it, it tells you the name of the item that is there. Just type "get item_name_here" and it will get it.

Just replace item_name_here with the name of the item, I didn't really want to spoil what the item is so I am not going to say it.
kristel The problem is when I type: 'look under table" I don't get a real answer. So it must be the wrong command. I tried various sentences, but I can't come up with the right one.
I suspect there might be some id under it since I seem to need it in part two.
Thanks for any info
AGI1122 Actually, when did you download the demo? If it was recently then the item under the table is gone, we moved it to a new location and overwrote the demo 2 file.

So, if you have the old version there should be a "coin" under the table, if you have the new version there is nothing under there and no description about what is under the table.
kristel Thanks, that must be it! I'll just keep looking for some type od id. :-\