AGI Tutorial game

AGI1122 I am currently makeing an AGI Tutorial game and have posted what I have done so far on my web page under the AGI Utils section. My web site is at [glow=red,2,300][shadow=red,left,300][/shadow][/glow]

I would like to know what yall think of it and what I should add to my tutorial to make it easy for begginers to make AGI games.
Rich Hi Chris, I am interested to see your tutorial game. There really isn't enough tutorial stuff out there. However, I didn't find the information about it on your AGI Utilities section.

Hmmm, someday, I should make a tutorial game about how to make a sex scene in AGI. Nah...

AGI1122 I am redoing my web site. I am going to add an tutorial section with online tutorials and tutorial games. Just keep checking my web site for the tutorial game. I am moving it over to the tutorial section as soon as that section is finished.
AGI1122 I just updated my web site and added new sections like the tutorial section. I also have put up a new version of my AGI tutorial game it is version 0.5B so go to my web site and download it. Tell me what yall think of it so far and what I could do to make it better.
AGI1122 If you downloaded the tutorial game that was on my web site you need to recompile all of the logics because I changed defines.txt but did not recompile the logics sorry for this. I have recompiled it and put it on my web site so if you download it now it will work just fine. Plus I added an icon for the game.