Multiple Doors

Jim C Ok, I've spent a long time trying to figure this out. I know this has been covered before, but I still need help with this. I'm trying to have two doors in one room. I have one door which leads to the outside of the house, and another door which leads to a bathroom. The door to the outside has the default door control colors (navy, green and yellow). I made the control colors for the bathroom door: red, cyan, and brown. I wasn't sure whether to declare the change in the initialization of the door or in the door instance, so I tried both. When I put it in the door instance, like this:

(instance bathDoor of Door
doorCtrl ctlRED
roomCtrl ctlCYAN
doorBlock ctlBROWN

the game freezes (showing the hand icon) when I enter the room from the outside. When I put it in the door initialization, like this:


then I get trapped in the navy control area of the door to the outside when I enter the room.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
cloudee1 Hey jim here's a cheap easy effective way to install doorways which are not locked, therefore don't really need to be blocked.

I have a view with the door closed (cel 0) and with the door open (cel 1) when the character is on red control (in front of door, and slightly behind) the door opens, when on purple control (behind door) goes to new room.

(method (init)(super:init())
) // end of method

(method (doit)(super:doit())
(if(==(send gEgo:onControl()) ctlRED)
(aDoor:cel(1)) )
(else(if(== (send gEgo:onControl()) ctlPURPLE)
(send gRoom:newRoom(57)) )
(else (aDoor:cel(0)))
) // end method

(instance aDoor of Prop(properties y 136 x 277 view 251))
// notice Prop not Door
Jim C Ok, thanks. I did a bit of a workaround based on that method, and it works pretty well. I appreciate it, cloudee.