Lovers Quest Homepage/screenshots

Icabod hello

I have created a homepage for my current agi project, lovers quest. please check it out and let me know what you think:

this game will have strong moral values. the goal will be to marry a nice girl and raise a family. everyone should play this game and boycot fq2, which just makes me sick! think of the children! (luke, ryan, vonster..)

Jessie Bains Oh, yes, this really was extremely good news!

This project looks promising - there are even screenshots of the game, so that means must be in development! Well, only one screenshot, at least. The graphics doesn't look all that great, though... it has the same quality feel of the scenes I've I've seen in another before, now what was that game again?

Oh, yes, I believe it was "Fuck Quest".

So, what else is there to say except [glow=red,2,300]I'm so excited![/glow]  8)
Jessie Bains Stupid board. It wouldn't even let me write FUCK Quest!  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

In the previous message, it shouldn't be "Fuck Quest", but "Fuck Quest".

Ed Um, ok...
Rich Eter Hmmm...
FQ may have had some bad graphics, but at least it had some explicit material to keep its audiences interested. Remember that, Icabod.
If anyone has noticed that Lover's Quest has similar graphics to my original FQ game, that is because Icabod actually drew a fair number of them. That bastard. He betrayed me before the game came out so I finished it on my own. FQ2, I got Heywood to help me out with. So, the graphics are, a lot, lot better!!!
You bastard, Icabod, I want my girlfriend back. Well, I guess she was never my girlfriend, but she was going to be. You bastard, calling me all un-ethical when you fornicated with that girl in my own house!!! You'll pay Icabod. Oh, you surely will pay!!!

m1k237 I think the graphics for Lovers' Quest looks even worse than in FQ.

But the sex part in FQ was very well made. And FQ2 looks even better. The graphics are nice, the sound is great, the story looks fairly intresting...

Keep it up, Eter!

(Heywood as well
Deco Well, this what I think:  RICH ETER IS ICABOD!!!!!!!!!
The Wiz

Well, this what I think:
Rich Eter I don't know why you all keep insisting that Icabod and I are the same person. We don't even live anywhere near each other anymore. We used to a few years back. Icabod is just a bastard that has been bothering me for years. Ever since he stole my woman, he's made it his quest to continue torturing me. He's what you might call a toxic personality!!
So, get off it already people. That accusation is really starting to piss me off!!!
John Bock I saw your site Icepod.  You mentioned about anyone needing a graphics designer.  Do you think you can design any graphics for my game?  If so could you draw me a space pod on top of a building with an elevator, and a future city backround?  By the way can I see the storyline for Love Quest?
Icabod Damnit, John Boch!

My name isn't Icepod, it's ICABOD!!!!! Consider yourself added to my mortal enemies list, which now reads:

Icabod's Mortal Enemies
   (1) Rich Eter (that bastard!)
   (2) John Boch

Curious Aren't most of these "guests" actually ONE person!?!

Rich Ecter


Jessie Bains

John Boch


Sounds like it to me.
John Bock d**mnit, Icebod!

My name isn't Boch, it's Bock!!!!! Consider yourself added to my mortal enemies list, which now reads:

John Bock's Mortal Enemies
  (1) Icebod
Jessie Bains

Aren't most of these "guests" actually ONE person!?!

Rich Ecter


Jessie Bains

John Boch


Sounds like it to me.

Well, you can remove Jessie Bains from that list... LOL
John Bock Consider me off the accuser list too.  There is no way I can be anyone else here.  I am creating my own game that is different from the others.  If I was someone else why would I be asking anyone if they need a musican or if they want to become coauthors of my game. Icebod, you didn't answer my question if I could see your game's storyline or not.  I just have another question is Love Quest some kind of soap opera or something?
bokkers Hey John,
I guess you're just wasting your time if you think that
a) RichEter/Icepod is a person really interested in AGI and
b) Lovers Quest or F*** Quest are actually real serious AGI-projects.
To me personally it seems, that Icepod is really bored with his life and is now trying to catch some attention on the internet.
But anyway, I had a good laugh when I saw the "screenshots" for LoveQuest..
guy John Bock and bokkers?  Hmm...
david shut up
John_Bock Lol guy.
bokkers >bokkers=bock

Sorry, I confused L-Quest with *beep* Quest, that was the site I saw.
Anyway, what is your game about, John? Is there a homepage for it?
John_Bock hey bokkers

Your last name is Bock too?!  Unfortunelly I haven't made a webpage for my game yet.  I don't really have any graphics or a name for it yet, but I do have a storyline.  The storyline is like 16 chapters and over 40 pages.  Unfortunelly I never even got to proof reading it.  I will make put parts of my story on my webpage soon.  I was also thinking of remaking it into a playlike format.  What the game is about is a guy travels to different planets.  Earth is not really included, but Earth descendents are.  You will run into planets like Flamerica, Saturn, Zugatron, etc.  It supposed to be a funny game.  The main character which has no name at the moment sells computer games for a living.  The boss gets mad at him because the guy is too lazy to show up at work, so he as occasionally tries to follow the main character. I will try and post the first chapter on the web tonight (6-7hrs) or tommorow
Rich Eter Bokkers, I just wanted to let you know that I take F#$@ Quest very seriously. I have been working on FQ2 for nearly three years. Not constantly, but I come back to it every so often (usually when I'm not with a woman... these are dry times my friends, if you know what I'm saying!) The first game was put out rather fast; I was quite horny. But the second game was done with much more time and class. I really give the user an opportunity to explore women, both inside and out. In fact, I'm really rather excited. Icabod, I don't think takes Love Quest, or Lover's Quest or whatever the f##k you call it, seriously. He's doing that to get my goat. He's the first person that will f#%k a woman if he gets the opportunity. Believe me when I tell you that he'll be the first person to fully explore FQ2 when it's released!

Nicholas_Kerklaan One fine Summer's day whilst I was watching Sixty Minutes, there was a story about how the government of London is attempting to "coolify" it or something, bring it into the new era. Beats the hell out of me if they suceeded, but that's beside the point. The thing about this piece that stuck with me was when one of London's politicians, a gay man, mentioned a pair of artists who paint with, among other things, their own shit, lauding them as two of the most important artists of their time. Well, "Icabod", I believe it would be to your benefit if you got this pair to do your graphics, because it certaintly can't look any worse than the screen shot you have now.
Rich Eter That's right, Nick. Stick it to that bastard Icabod. I'd don't see his stuff as any better than excrement. It looks like that to me.

John_Bock Well I see a lot of complexity in Icepots marvelous artwork.
Nicholas_Kerklaan I believe the answer lies within that fundamental question that has plagued us since the dawn of time: why are we here? Where are we going? And why? Why are we going there? Obviously, Icabod posesses neither the answers to these questions, nor the desire to answer them. Truly, we must peel the mask from his face, and reveal him to be: Jesus Christ. Truly, Icabod is Christ himself.
Rich Look... if Icabod is Jesus Christ, then I'm Citizen Kane. For Christ Sake's, man, it just ain't so. Sorry. He'd like to think he is with all his preachy talk. But I guarantee you that he just had sex last week. (Or at least he bragged that he did in an e-mail to me). He's all righteous and preachy to the world, but deep down, he's one dirty little motherf#$%er. I guarentee it!
Well, that's that.


p.s. Icabod, take Lover's Quest and shove it!
Icabod God damnit Rich you freakin' bastard! I'm holding out for marriage, you know that!!!!! Just because that stranger gave me head in the airport bathroom doesn't mean i've gone <b>all the way</b>!


God damnit Rich you freakin' bastard! I'm holding out for marriage, you know that!!!!! Just because that stranger gave me head in the airport bathroom doesn't mean i've gone <b>all the way</b>!


Icabod, how many times  do I have to tell you this... when you do a girl up the ass, it counts!!! What, I think it's been at least twenty now!!! I hate you.

df this thread is trying my patience now.... dont expect it to be here tomorow or maybe the day after.