Projects in motion!

cloudee1 Alright you guys this board is beginning to lose it's enthusiasm!

It might be time to talk a little bit about what is going on out there, How about some updates, screenshots, something, anything.

I'll even start it off by throwing a screen shot up here! :-*
This shot is from my Spongebob Squarepants game!
Eigen I'm still working on Dr.Jummybummy's Space Adventure 2 and a bit on Al Pond 3: Kony's Revenge. Here are some screenshots:

Space Adventure 2:

Al Pond 3:

More information at

doan sephim this is a room from my indev game called doan's quest. i was the artist for it, and because i had no programming background, i wasnt supposed to be the programmer too, but it turns out that i have to do that too, so this game will take longer.
Robin_Gravel Cloudee1, I see by your picture an fantasy world. What's about the story?

Doan, your picture is awesome! It remains me like the pictures from Quest for Glory EGA (Hero's quest).

Keep up the good work.

Robin Gravel
Jim C Ok, so my graphics need a lot of work compared to all of yours... :-
doan sephim hey jim,
dont worry if you feel your graphics need work compared to others. just worry about it being a fun game! no one would use SCISTUDIO 3 if graphics were the important thing!
Eigen, im really looking forward to jummybummy 2! it sounds like its coming together very well!
Brian_Provinciano Great job everyone! It's nice to see your games progressing! They look awesome!
Paladinlover Those screenshots kick ass! :D

Till next time stay cool 8)
cloudee1 wrote:

This shot is from my Spongebob Squarepants game!

I love that cartoon ;D

and I think I will love the game more because the screenshot looks awsome! ;D ;)
Oliver Oh more thing. When are these games going to be finished?

Whne are WE gonna get to play these really cool looking games? :)
AGI1122 They will be finished when they are done. :P

Just have patience, when they are done we will all get a chance to play them.
cloudee1 So here is a report on the progress of the SpngeBob game:

Story Line 98%
Artwork 15%
Animations 25%
Scripting 20%

For about the last month I have been trying to get a lot of the artwork done, instead I have burnt myself out on drawing, the good news is that yesterday I finished all of the generic screen holders I need. So far there are over 70 rooms with about a dozen more to be made. But now that at least my place markers are done I have gotten back to work on the scripting.

Anyways here is another screen shot:
rwfromxenon Wow! A Spongebob game! Hehe, lemme guess. Mr Krabs sold your pants, and now you have to find them? :D
Just kidding. The graphics look AWESOME.
Kon-Tiki :o Are those pics thanks to the Studio, or due to you guys being great artists?
cloudee1 I'll go out on a limb here and say that scistudio didn't draw any of those pictures for anybody. Must just be that they are great atrist, I don't include myself in that because I have complaints about each and everyone of my pictures.

And just to keep this thread going and to hopefully encourage other people to share some of their work I am going to throw in yet another screenshot.
Eigen Development:

Story: 90% The end needs to be figured out
Pics: 89% (About 20 more pics needed)
Coding: 65% I have to go trough each script and add all those ...argh! 'look thing' comands. Plus those scripts for the rooms that aren't made yet.
Views: 98.54% Some more may be needed...maybe not


And here's another screeeeeenshot:

doan sephim here is the bar minus the characters inside from doan's quest. in keeping with the updates by cloudee, this game is in the following stage of developement:
story: 75%
pics: 15% (13 complete)
coding: only the coding for individual rooms necissary now
views: 30%
all the pics ive seen from you guys are great!! cant wait to play em;)
cloudee1 ;)