Internal PC Speaker Problems

KaokanDBZ As you guys may know, most new computers (especially Dell's) don't have very good internal pc speakers. Instead of playing notes, they "click".

This is super-saddenning for me, as I love playing those great old AGI games with all their wonderful screechy, beepy music.

Is there any adaptation or driver or something I can get that will allow me to once again hear the music?
Robin_Gravel Hi

Try to boost your computer from diskette.

If it doesn't work, use Nagi to play agi games.

Nagi features three voices and a noise channel. So you can play any agi games like if you have a PCjr or Tandy 1000 computer,

You will find Nagi at:

What a shame to see newest computers don't supports
anymore internal speaker and classic video modes like CGA, EGA, VGA....

Robin Gravel
KaokanDBZ Thanks a billion for your help :)
I'll check these files out right now.
Joey if that does not you could just use that program that converts the AGI file so that it will play the music and sounds through your external speakers.
Joey to be more specific, the program is AGISB. it uses the sound blaster to play the music i believe, thus making the sound come out through your EXternal speakers, rather than the inner ones. you can get the little program at in the downloads section. just copy it into the agi games folder that you are going to play, open the file, it will patch the agi file, then just open up the game and music should come out through the external speakers.
Robin_Gravel AGISB sounds awfull with my newest computer but it sounds right with my 486. And AGISB does not support noise channel. Nagi is the best to play any agi games.

Robin Gravel
KaokanDBZ Yeah, thanks a lot, Joey. It's a great suggestion! But honestly, I'm really happy with this Nagi program.. it plays the music just fine, plus it actually seems to run the games better than before!
Joey your welcome. i was just giving another option. :)