attack on america

brian corr in honour of the thousands killed in the disaster in ny and washington, i have decided to make a new game entitled "Attack on America"

i need an artist. would anyone like to help me? this game would be about either the prevention of the attack which has happened or the aftermath

it would be dedicated to the victims and their families

please help

bokkers >in honour of the thousands killed in the disaster in ny and >washington, i have decided to make a new game >entitled "Attack on America"
>it would be dedicated to the victims and their families

although i probable feel the same way like you and i see the need for something being done, I have mixed feelings about the idea.
people could misunderstand a game as something calling for revenge without even playing it (and you know that most of the people ALWAYS judge somthing before they actually tried it).
i dont know, what could be in the game? preventing the attack? that would appear kind of sarcastic in my eyes. imagine the player has "won" and prevented the attack, the player would not feel happy, because he knows that the event happend in reality. especially if they're from ny.
if doing something after the attack was subject of the game, what would it be? in computer-games you have to have definite characters with definite roles? who could be in the game? would it be investigation, revenge in the game? either way, i think the best reflection on events like this are written words or music. computer games are always supposed to make fun, otherwise people wouldnt be playing them. music and books are different. they can be depressing. just as depressing as reality.
PS: Of course, all this in only my personal humble opinion.
Feel free to contradict.
brian the game's characters?

did u play the game CountDown?
that was good, u were a spy - if u didnt play it, then do
AX Manhunter: New York has many scenes you could use.
blacke The plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. The passengers overpowered the terrorists. Although I'm not encouraging the creation of the game, I just thought I'd remind you that it could have been worse. A tribute to those brave souls on that flight would be nice but it would be difficult not to offend a lot of people. (shame the passengers in the other three planes didn't do the same).
P.S. Making a game won't be so bad, remember someone will make a movie of it in about five years.

It's been a long while since I've visited the board. Work on my current game (Dial 'A' for Anarchy) stopped a long time ago when I lost most of my game to a dodgy hdd.
david Here's an idea. In the game you could be trapped on the 20th floor in the basement. You're goal would be to get out of the tower alive. I will do the graphics if you need someone to.
brian that sounds good david
i was thinking the same sorta thing,

or that u were a cia agent on the hunt for those responsible

(btw  bin laden is a bastard)

thanx 4 the offer of help 4 graphics i appreciate it
mail me at
or icq #92117909

bokkers Hi folks,
just another thought:
Don't you think it is a bit short-sighted to focus on that single event? Don't get me wrong: I find it extremely horrible what happened. But don't you realize that WW3 has just begun? The really frightening things are yet to come.
AX It is difficult to start a war without any solid evidence against that bin Laden guy.

I personally think that Palestinians did it, because of that genocide thing.
bokkers >It is difficult to start a war without any solid evidence >against that bin Laden guy.
Not for George W. For him, it will be rather easy starting the war. Especially as he himself will not be forced to go to Afghanistan. More details on
Peep Pullerits I had that idea too, i even drawed some title screens and I have the characters. The story would be about three people:
John Callahan - and exporter that works in the WTC.
Marko Aluveer - a tourist from Estonia who was supposed to visit the WTC tower, but left his camera to his hotel room and went to get it.
Michael Berton: A businessman that was on the plane that crashed into the tower.

I would sure like to help.
brian thats great peep.

email me at

btw i havent seen u b4. ru new? f so then welcome
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