another agi n00b with another silly problem

metal-angel I'm happy! I get to realize my childhood dream of my very own Sierra game!

And then this:

My very early project is odd. I have altered PICTURES and VIEWS and they have both worked fine. However, when I alter LOGIC, the changes are not reflected when I launch the game to test it. For example, I took this line

display(10,1," Intro Screen");

and altered it to

display(10,1," My Adventure");

but when I launch the game, it still reads 'Intro Screen', even after saving and revuilding the VOL files (which I'm not sure I had to do anyway)

What could be causing this? I also can't get 'look (at object X)' commands to work, although adding (object X's name) to its own group in WORDS.TOK did get me 'What? Where?' responses as opposed to 'Logging unknown word'.

Any ideas? Help is greatly appreciated!

And also, no matter what directory I selected with 'New game from Template', AGI Studio said it was invalid, so I had to copy all the stuff in by hand, retaining the folders of course.

I'm using AGIStudio 1.38b1. ???
Xqzzy Rcxmcq When you save your logic, do you choose "Save" or "Compile"? If you choose Save, this will save all changes to your file, but you must choose Compile before the changes are applied to your program.

metal-angel Ah, that fixed one thing... it won't compile my first scene though, it says } expected at end of file, so I put one in... then it complains it wants the return command. So I can't win ::)

In case you can't tell, I'm having a bad day, I registered on here and it won't keep me logged in long enough to post either :-\
metal-angel Ignore me, I sorted it out. ;D
Oliver So anyway. What's the story of the game? ::)
Any screenshots you could show us? :P
metal-angel Well, I think it's going to be a prequel to SQ:0, starring Xavi, letting you play her mission to sneak aboard LOSX and sabotage the experiments.

I'd love to ask Jeff Stewart for his blessing to use the character and maybe a background or two, but he doesn't have any contact info ANYWHERE, so I guess he'll just get an acknowledgment in the credits...

Screenies to follow ;D