Shooting gallery

bok Hi, another problem:
I try to turn a room into some kind of shooting-gallery. I have 5 guys running around with the
-command and a crosshair-view for the ego.
now how can i check if the crosshair is somewhere near the guys? i have all the coordinates from the guys which i got by
but i cant use commands like
if posn    or
if center.posn
because i can only compare the coordinates to integers and not to vars.
what can i do?
bokkers Hi everybody,
I found out myself how to set up some "shooting-gallery" last night. For anyone of you interested, here's the code for a room with 3 guys running around, waiting to be shot:

#include "defines.txt"

if (new_room) {
briancorr tat looks good i might try it out sometime.

just a tip though - instead of using commands like:


just write vX - vY = vX
or vX -= vY

also instead of



if(vX > vY){

its easier and far less confusing