ego and moveSpeed

doan sephim to help quicken movement in my game, im trying to do what sierra did with quest for glory, and using the run ability...and i ran into some trouble.
i checked out the user script and found the Ego class and all his properties...and moveSpeed looked like it would work.
well it works, but only in the wrong direction ;) i set my global statement:
(send gEgo:moveSpeed (0))
however, his current speed seems to be the fastest and i can only slow him down...i tried to set the property in the ego class to be slower, but to no avail...what am i to do?
Jim C I had the exact same problem, and found the same results. I would also like to know if there is a way to speed up an actor's movement without changing the game speed. Some of my actors are cars, and I would love to have them go faster than the characters on foot! ::)
doan sephim does anyone know how to do this?
Robin_Gravel If you wish to make the ego to run, try this:

(send gEgo: xStep (10) yStep (10))

Robin Gravel
doan sephim hey thanks robin!
that code seems to work well, now all i have to do is draw the running views!
that will make things much quicker i think.
Jim C It works like a charm! Now my cars don't just crawl across the screen! Thanks, Robin.