Hi im new to agi

Hig Hi im new to agi. I always wanted to program a game like sierra. So this is going to be cool and fun if there is aney tutorial's that would be fine. thanks

brian corr gday hig (strange name you got there)

sorry i didnt reply sooner ididnt see the message...

anyway, welcome. i hope you stick to agi its great.

Hig It's ok ;) the name sucks :P and thanks for welcomeing me!

AGI1122 Welcome Hig

I have three templates that you can use to create AGI games with on my web site. All of them are more advanced than the one distributed with AGI studio. When I was using the other template there was features missing that most real AGI games had such as CGA and RGB support with mine there is also the ability to use the joystick buttons in your game and stuff like that I also have a template that utilizes AGI mouse. Hope they will help you to make some good AGI games. You can find them at www.agi.zzn.com in the AGI utilites section.
Hig Thank you so much is it all right for me putting you in my credits for big thanks. ;D
AGI1122 Sure you can put my name in your credits.
Hig Cool ok.