Upcoming AGI demo or teaser?

Joey I just wanted to post about this.

I have about 5 days off from school thanks to Thanksgiving ;D, so i was thinking of working on Car Driver again. I got some work on it a few weeks ago, and i have maybe 15 - 20 screens so far (i am not sure). The pictures are better drawn than on DQ2, and the game is more interactive. I MAY change the name however, because in the game, you can drive around and stuff, but you can also go to your house, and go take a nap, or go swimming in your pool, and just stuff you would expect to do in real life. So I was thinking of maybe calling it Life Quest or something like that. You can drive places, and go on Mini Quests by driving to certain areas. I am not sure yet. I will try and work on it, and by Monday I will try and have a demo or teaser released.

IF I do not work on this game, I was thinking of starting a new game called Scuba Quest. There aren't many aquatic AGI games out there (if there are any), so I was thinking of making on like that.

We will see what will happen. Feel free to share your opinions on these ideas as well :D
CESS.tk It would be great if you'd make car driver somewhat GTA-style.
Joey You mean birds eye view? The driving is in birds eye view, but I am not sure if I will make it so you can get out and run on the road and steal other cars and stuff. Let me know your ideas.