Where's the SCI games?

Nailhead I'm so tempted to make an SCI game, given that SCIStudio seems to be so complete (with minor bugs I mean). One thing though, has anyone finished a game using SCI yet? Is it that impossible, or is it too new?

Hig Brian will probley know. ;D
Hig It looks like your new so welcome to the board :)
Nailhead Thanks for the welcome.

I think I'll stick with AGI though, SCI is too confusing to understand without demos or tutorials. I may post some screenshots of what I'm working on. For now, I'm still writing the script.
(agi rocks)(agi rocks) ;D ;D
Hig You makeing a game?
Nailhead Yeah, it's a comedy adventure called "Nailhedz". The script is coming along. I have 3 other people working on the storyboards.

Here's the logo: