Agi game comeing to a computer near you

Hig Thats right soul quest 1
AGI1122 When you get the game some what playable please tell me. I will put it on my web site for others to download.
Hig Alright i will be makeing a demo soon and thanks alot for the help! ;D
Hig But i am open for names for are game.A name like kings quest.If you can give me a answer i would glady put you in the credits.
daddasf queen's quest
Hig Its about a man named nick so its cant be called queens quest

sorry :-/

Tarison by not mentioning anything about the plot, you make it hard for anyone who wants to give you a good title :)

Explain what the game is about
Hig OK sorry about that;)

A evil minator takes the souls of Foren the kingdom. For some reason is soul was not taken nick must go to cliffs waters to islands to towns to find out why is soul was not taken and whare is this evil minator.
Kyle Sounds confusing/complicated. Have you fully storyboarded this thing or are you just winging it? If you're winging it I hate to say it, but the odds against the game being completed are staggering.

I don't mean to sound cynical, but if you've been hanging around the AGI community as long as I have, you would be cynical too.
Hig I would like this post to be shut down while i shut down soul quest and make a new game with a good plot story line and more so please to post on the post.

Thank you :-
Vonster_D_Monster [color=Red]Mind if I ask why you're giving Soul Quest the ole AXE?

You could just develop the story some more and proceed with the game. There's no reason to dump the whole idea.

Jsut asking   ???

Hig No the last 2 night i thot of a better name called kingdom's quest it will kinda be like soul quest just that the evil minator vanishis everybody in the kingdom exsept brave sir nick a village man sound good?

im working on the story line now ;)
Hig Aneybody know a tut on how to draw good or knows a artist to draw me pics for my game? ;D
brian corr no offence but this story sounds similar to kq8:mask of eternity