david Does anyone here use agi studio and have windows 2000? If you do, how do you save logic? It will not let me save the logic, someone said there's away around it, but they never replied. please help!!!!!
Nailhead I had the same problem and luckily I'm a Delphi programmer so I opened the source and corrected it myself. Email or reply to this and I'll send you the executable.
david yeah i figured it out like right after that post
Nailhead That's good. I'm curious though to how you actually got it working.
david i went in to the src file and double clicked on the logic i wanted to edit. then i saved it and opend the logic i edited in agi studio and compiled them. to make i new one i just copied the text from Logic2 and put it in a new text file ie  Logic3
AGI1122 Hey nailhead can you send me the fixed executable when you send it send it to
Nailhead Here's is AGI Studio v1.32

Changes in 1.32:
- Fixed the Logic saving problem
- Added a 'reopen' menu for loading recently edited games
- A few cosmetic changes

If anyone has suggestions for new functionality for AGIStudio, let me know and I'll add it.
AGI1122 Add a right click menu to the logic and text editors to make things easier to do(I get so tired of going into edit then copy just to copy stuff) right clicking should also be added to the resource window so that you can easily add and extract resources.
Nailhead Good suggestion. I've added both features. I've also created a webpage with the updates in case others would like to use the newer versions.
bokkers Good to see that people still keep improving the good old AGI-studio. Keep up the good work.
Nailhead Thanks alot. I think I will create a new thread about this new AGI Studio dev. It will make it more apparent than talking about it in a thread called "QUESTION!!!!!!!!!".  ;)