PicEdit, i need help plz! E-mail me if ya can plz

ans_sin :) Hi, I am having trouble with Picedit and stuff.. I havent quite figured out how to make the Priority lines of a drawing... (tell me what i am doing wrong) I open up pickedit.exe, draw my room and color it in, press tab to do the priority lines and when I try to draw them in, the line goes thru from the dark red color to the Room I have already created... I know I am doing something wrong :) please Email me at Ans_sin@hotmail.com or something else. thanks

bokkers Hi there, Nick has made a list with all tutorials about AGI. You find it at:


Look for the tutorials dealing with priority screens there, they are perfectly explaining everything.

Hope this helps you,
sonneveld I fixed the URL..  for some reason this messageboard cuts long url's in half.  Also you need to put spaces at the end of some url's (not in this case though) or it treats the whole paragraph as a url.  Not very useful.  Maybe something for df to fix.

This messageboard needs an obvious link to an FAQ.  I would be happy to write one if df could manage to put this link at the top of the agi messageboard.

- Nick