Looking for dev team

Eigen There's this game I'd like to make but not alone. It's a game about Dave Jones (relative of Indiana Jones) who goes on to find the Diamond Of Ra. Game is titled "Dave Jones And The Diamond Of Ra" (very original ;) )

I'm looking for background artists and someone to draw part of the views. I would do the programming, but won't reject any help in that area too.

Robin_Gravel Hi Eigen

I see you're working on a new game. Cool!

But what happened to Dr.Jummybummy's Space Adventure 2?

Your new project will be in 256 color or still 16 color?

Robin Gravel
Eigen Dr.Jummybummy's Space Adventure 2 is still in development and I intend to finish it. It's getting close to be ready. I'm really tired off drawing the pictures. There are about 130 of these.

This game will be 16 colors.

Kawachan *cough* Just mail me some specifics. SCI0 I understand?