Windows 2000 is buggerising my AGI

Zorba Hey dudes I just stared this whole AGI thing and I read the thread how it says it fixed the prob in the new version but I just cant save the Logic! it full on just wont save it and i have windows 2000.

What was that way around it U professionals were talkin about because I can probably just do that.

and also the priority lines are they the lines that make the little guy not walk through stuff?
Nailhead You said that you tried to use the newest version, v1.33? What sort of error message are you getting when you try to save a logic?

And yes, priority screens set the bounds for the character to walk around in. Try this tutorial for more info on priority screens.
Zorba Yeah well obviously im an idiot because i have some old obsolete version which was obviously taken from an old obsolite site (not this one). So yeah ill get the update and see how it goes. and as for AGI I leared to read as a kid playin old AGI games and I think its mad to be able to make them. so keep improving the programs all you programmy blokes! I'd help if I had a clue how so Ill just make some games to keep you entertained.

Do you rekon its worth doing 256 color games??