Date Quest 2 may be completed today!

Joey im excited! i havent been working on dq2 much lately, but i have 3 1/2 hours today for free time, and im gonna use it towards dq2. finally i THINK it will be done by days end. so far its looking good. I just want to get it done though, so the graphics and shit really suck a lot, but the humor is inmeasurable! i crack up looking and reading at the new stuff i added. hopefully you guys will love it. ill post here when im done.

no promises but i think todays the day!

enough talk, im off to work on it. ;D
rwfromxenon WOO! YAY!
Joey haha, its gonna be close i think. i just have like 7 more screens to do. im really close to finishing. if i keep working hard, ill get it done.

off to work again!