Hi-Res AGI

bokkers Some weeks ago, I discovered someones AGI-webpage which dealt with Hi-Res pictures used in AGI-games. It even had some photos of AGI scenes (something from SQ2 I think) in perfect Hi-Res quality. I also tried to contact the guy that set up the page, but my mail got lost in the digital nirvana.
Does anybody know something about this feature? Does it work at all? Has someone ever used this?
The screenshots I saw looked pretty cool.
sonneveld Hi,

I think you're talking about this page:

He was working on displaying hi-res pictures but he didn't get very far, it wasn't for an interpreter or anything and there were a few noticable mistakes.

Check out the latest version of Sarien if you want hi-res pics..
BOK Hi Nick,
thanks for the answer.
The Sarien screenshots look quite good, I will have a look at Sarien.