SCI Studio, LSCI, etc

Jeremiah Blanchard Hello,

I'm something of a new poster to this board, but I'm very interested in the future SCI Studio's abilities regarding LSCI. In particular I'm interested in reading the files from TSN / INN online game system. I heard a few things regarding this, but nothing recently, so I guess I'm wondering if the new version will support all of the stuff needed to extract pictures & modify this app. (Since the FauxINN project died, I'm thinking about trying to rewrite the INN app & server myself and releasing under the GPL so that it isn't lost forever as it seems FauxINN may be.) If somebody is needed to test SCI Studio's abilities in this regard, I'd be happy to help, of course. ;)

Thanks for any info. :)
Brian_Provinciano I'm quite amazed by how many people are interested in recreating an INN. I've received emails from a number of different people all starting on their own clones. If you join the FreeSCI team and add online support with a few kernel functions and a resource loader frame, INN would be easy as cake to run as-is and accurately without any rewrite of it's actual logic.
Jeremiah Blanchard Yeah, actually, I spoke to someone who was trying just that. But getting INN to run on a network, that's a little more difficult. I prefer not the re-invent the wheel, so I tried virutual comports, but the communication protocols are difficult to decypher; if I could get into the actual code with SCI Studio it might be a bit easier, and that's why I asked. Someone's gotta write a server for it, regardless of whether it is made possible through a clone or the Free SCI project.

Brian_Provinciano The actual code that SCI Studio ('s decompiler) would dump would not show you much about the internet protocols and such. That lowlevel stuff would all be in the interpreter. The script code just contains information on which graphics to draw where, what to do when keys are pressed, mouse clicked, etc.
Jeremiah Blanchard Ok. Wasn't really sure if that was the case. Thanks for the info.