Few important things

Joey Hello fellow AGIers.
I have not posted here much lately, but I come with some good news! I am sure there are other programs like this, but I have a program called MIDI Studio. AGI Musicians can make awesome music with this, then I am sure you can convert it to the AGI sound file. (I know you can use Visual AGI Studio or whatever it is called, but MIDI Studio is a lot more versital and can do a lot more, and is easier to use.) I am not sure if you can still download it online cause its old, but I will update it on my site soon.

Also, I was thinking, I could make a section on my forum where people can post if they need people to help for an upcoming AGI or SCI project, and people who wanted to be involved in a project could post there too. I may make that soon.

One more thing, I play the guitar and piano, and know some stuff about music, and I believe I am quite capable with MIDI Studio, so I am interested in being in an AGI project. I am kinda getting bored with my AGI games, and would like to join a team. I would like to program and make music and sounds. If anyone would need some help, I will think about it. I am REALLY interested in working on a medieval game of some sort, or working with Oliver with Lefty 2 or another one of his games. But if you would like my help, just let me know.

I will post here when I upload MIDI Studio onto my site.
Kon-Tiki Joey, can you make multi-channeled midi into three-channeled ones, having the notes not too low or too high so as to make them run through the convertors properly?
Joey hmmm, im not sure about that. i think i know what you mean but im not sure. i will try converting a little song i made this weekend. ill let you know how it works out.i am sure it will work.

also, if you mean having like 3 different instruments in the midi (like drums, guitar, and bass), not all 3 will work in the AGI sound file i believe. i think the AGI sound can only play one instrument. im not sure though. i still need to mess around with midi studio a little more though, and add in multiple instruments at a time. i havent tried that yet. im sure i can get it done though.