one time actions

doan sephim i set up a local like:
then i set it to true like:

my question is, when i do an action and set it to false, does it "forget" it is false if i leave the room and come back in? in my experience it does, and how do i make it to not change back to true?

Robin_Gravel Hi doan sephim

Use global variable unstead local variable.

Robin Gravel
doan sephim thanks a million! works like a charm.

i hope you people can put up with me for all my dummie questions...the person who was gonna program the game im working on is kinda pressed for time, and isnt very enthusiastic about the im put in the very foriegn situation of learning the language (which is fun...but like learning any other language, it is hard work and very frusterating at times).