New AGI game "Terrorist Hunt"

overlordvegeta I am currently in the proccess of making an AGI game called Terrorist Hunt. I know that it may be a tough subject to write a game on, but what a good way to vent the anger and sadness in what happened Sept. 11th. The storyline of the game is simple: You are transported from the year 2026. You are part of something called Unit 6, a special group that fights terrorism. Your mission is simple. Find the most wanted man in the USA and either kill or capture him. I will be releasing a demo within the next couple of months, so i'll keep you posted.

overlordvegeta I just noticed in the board that someone is making a game called "Attack On America". I wanted to let people know that in no way am I a copycat. I feel also for the victims and families of the trageties on Sept. 11th.  Kudos to the person making Attack On America, if you are reading this, let me know if you need any help, I'll help while I do my own thing.

One last thing. I said I would have a demo out within the next couple of months, but in reality, it's a couple of weeks.

Overlordvegeta  ;)
brian corr hey

im the guy who's making that game- but nothin's happened yet, as i need an artist. if you can draw, i'd appreciate the help. im working on the preliminary story right now.

email me at

brian corr sounds like a good game. my game, AOA, will centre on the aftermath, either an attemt to escape from the rubble or as a firefighter helping the rescue atempt

i am in need of an artist so if you want, email me at

hey i can draw for ya hey i can draw for ya.
overlordvegeta Okay, let's see what you've got. Send me a little bit of your work. Send it to Looking forward to seeing it.

To Brian:

Would love to help out, let me know what you want me to do, and i'll show ya my work. Let me know.


brian corr hi basically all i need is drawings but give me time to work on storyline and ill get back to you via the board

overlordvegeta Okay, sounds good. Just give me the word whenever you are ready.