a picture causes the game to crash!

humanity I browsed through somel older posts and couldn't find anything about this. I am working on a game, and have drawn 25 previous pictures with no problems. Tonight, however, I encountered a problem with number 26. It is a picture of a church, slightly more detailed than other pictures. I ran the game several times, to make sure proportions were accurate. After adding priority lines, however, the next time I tested the game I got this message:
the ntvdm cpu has encountered an illegal instruction
cs: 4c9e IP:68c9 OP: 63 72 69 70 74
choose close to terminate the application."
Does anybody know what could be causing this? Thanks.
Brian_Provinciano How large is the picture resource? Depending on the interpreter version, sometimes they are limited to 13K~35K. Also, how are you using your fills? If you use a lot of flood fills in detailed areas, it could possibly cause a stack overflow like AGI.
humanity Thanks! I believe the crash was due to overuse of the fill button. I had two lines of slightly different angles conjoining to form the roof, and after filling the main roof section, I used "fill" to fill in the remaining 2 pixel areas, as well. After changing those offsets to the pen button, the game worked fine. Thanks for your help.