Question about set.key command

bok Hi guys,
here's another question:
If I have assigned a key to a controller with the set.key command these keys are blocked for the rest of the game.
For example, I assigned the space-bar to controller c43 for a room where the space-bar is needed to shoot enemies. I did it this way:
When I exit that room and switch back to entering commands, the space-bar cant be used because it is still assigned to the controller. how can i reset these keys? there seems to be no command to do this.
has anybody had this problem before?
AGI1122 There is no command to reset the keys, unless that is what one of the unknowns does. Your best bet would probably be to change the key to one of the F1-F10's.
bok Hmm,
I feared it would be like this.  :(
The f-keys work, but the space-bar would of course be a lot cooler for action sequences.
I'll contact you via email with the details about the sequences i'm working on.