agi movie

david i had an idea about making an agi anitmated movie. what do you think?
AGI1122 I personally think that would be pretty cool. I say go for it.
Hig YA that would be cool!!!!
Nailhead Sounds like a lot of work, but wow, it would be really awesome to watch.  :)
overlordvegeta I've got AGI on the brain from working in it so much, a movie in AGI would be very good.
Peep Pullerits it would be very cool to watch. are there any new ideas about it? i would really love to help to make it!  ;D
david i never said i would make it i just said it was an idea. im too lazy
Nailhead Aww, I was looking foward to it. :)
Peep Pullerits If someone is interested in making such movie, mail me @ If not, then, well, I guess I'm going to have to make it by myself