Space Quest 3 problems

Putje Hi,

I can't seem to open Space Quest 3 the usual way so i had to resort to using the rebuild tool.. This works fine on the first two resource files (001 and 002) but the third bombs the rebuild tool out.

There seem to be graphics (like the wire in the tunnel) in that third resource file which i require for our artists to redo in high res for our remake.

Any ideas?

Brian_Provinciano Did you download it off the net? There are reports that some pirated versions have corrupt resource entries. SCI Studio 2 will open up corrupt games (SCI Studio 3 is strict and only loads correct games). If you load it up in SCI Studio 2, you should see corrupt entries such as picture resources stating package#45 and such.

I suggest getting an original copy off eBay, the collection series are great because you won't need to worry about old floppies.
Putje I actually own the collection cd but it's still in my native country as opposed to me who moved to another country a year ago.

I'll try version 2.