police quest 1

Dude1 ??? hey guys im trying to play my old police quest 1 but i cant find the manual and dont remember the copyright protection thing with the vehicle safety inspection. can you help me or point me in the right direction plz???
overlordvegeta Hey! I don't really remember any copy protection in any police quest except for PQ2 where you had to identify mug shots. What Police Quest version are you playing? The new VGA version or the old AGI version? I'll look for my book on both of them today
Dominic You have to walk all the way around the car, quite close to it, until a message appears saying something like 'After performing the prescribed safety inspection, you're now ready to hit the streets.' If you don't, you'll get a flat tyre!

Hope this helps,
overlordvegeta Like real cops do that anyways. I hate to say it, but that is just part of the game, you have to check the vehicle before you drive in it. One of these days, i'm going to get around to deleting that part of the code out of the game, cause that has messed me up so many times as well. Hope this bit of info helps.

Nailhead Yeah I remember that part being annoying as well. To be detailed, what I did was walk to each tire and 'check car' or maybe it was 'check tire'. On the fourth time you get the message saying it's cool to drive it.
Dude1 Thnx guys you helped a lot

I thought it was some sort of copy protection because i remember it being in the manual.....i think.