cloudee1 Alright,
I am working on a talking interface for a new project, I am using Display to put the dialog next to the animated talking view, I can bring it all up and everything goes fine except that the message displayed still stays on screen after the state has ended.

My questions are:
1. how do I hide/end the displayed message?
2. how would I display text 000 index 0?

Eigen Hi cloudee1!

1) Use DrawPic(room pic num) . It erases all the Displays used.

2) Display(000 0 dsCOORD 100 120 dsCOLOUR clWHITE)

The first number is the text resource and the other is the index num.

cloudee1 Hey Eigen thanks for the info,

But I have actually opted to draw an alphabet as a view resource, so far I like it, my only concern is going to be the added size that these drawn statements may add to the game, but nowadays hard drives are pretty big.

But thanks I'm sure I will use that info in future scripts.