Suggestions for the AGI theme...

overlordvegeta Hey everyone! I need a little insperation. I need two things for me to continue progress with the AGI theme. 1. I need some suggestions on a good desktop picture. 2. I need some ideas on sounds for the desktop. I have a few things written down as for color, font, and icons, but i'm having a little bit of a difficult time with those two things. Reply soon. Thanx everyone.

AGI1122 The only sounds I can think of for you to use would be the intro music and sound effects in Sierra's AGI games. I don't know what kind of picture you should use though, I think the picture might be a tough one to figure out.
Nailhead How about using the various songs that you hear when scoring a point? Most of them are memorable and would be pretty cool to hear.

As far as a wallpaper design? Hmmm, think BIG pixels.  ;)
overlordvegeta Every time I think of music o sounds, it's always SCI that I think of. I don't really know how to use the PC speaker for themes, LOL. I'm still looking for suggestions though. Good one Nailhead, i'm considering it.

Overlordvegeta  ;D