Suggestion for Sci Studio 4

Robin_Gravel In view editor, it will cool if it could flip an image to 90 degree like some draw editor, not just 180 degree (flip horizontally / vertically

Robin Gravel
Gromitigo I don't think SCIS4 will have vector based drawing. So, you should just be able to edit it in photoshop or whatever and import it in to SCIS4.
Brian_Provinciano Yeah, I can do that. It's very easy sin/cos stuff. I can make it rotate all 360 degrees. Though, I never recommend using rotation too much, as it never looks as good as the original. You're best off drawing it at the desired angle.
Robin_Gravel 90 degree will be enough for me.

Brian. You know me, I made great agi games. Just imagine what great sci games I will make.

Rotating views will make me finish faster than drawing all the loops specially when the views are more detailled and more difficult to make the same but another direction.

If you wish, I could give you an example.

But using rotating to draw ego (or walking people) for 4 directions will not help but some situations it will.

Robin Gravel