Extremely dumb question about Sarien

bokkers Hi folks,
I tried to get Sarien working, but I didn't even came past the downloads ;-)
When I looked at the big archive at the Sarien website, all the files seemed to contain uncompiled versions of the program.
When I finally found two files ending with .zip I downloaded them both but then the Sarien.exe tells me "Cygwin.dll not found" and the readme-file talks a lot about compilation...
Now... what does that mean? Am I really too dumb for this one? Where can I get the DLL? Or did I download the wrong version of Sarien again?
Please help me as I'd really love to check out what Sarien's like.
df I'll see if i can get you a win32 binary (non-cygwin). i'll try n compile one up tonight. if i do, it will be latest cvs snapshot version (0.7.0-cvs) and not latest stable (0.6.2)
bokkers That would be extremely cool. :)
Nailhead To make it worth your while, I'd like to see the newest win32 binary as well. Would you post it or email me too?

AGI1122 I have a compiled win32 binary of sarien on my web site under the AGI utilities section. Hope this helps you.
df cheers mate.

make sure you visit Chris's site to check out the other downloads


Nailhead Thanks guys! Don't know how I missed that.
bokkers Yeah. Thanks a lot. I'll check it out immediately