AGI Games: Where to Start?

OS-Bones I'm a newbie to the world of AGI games.
I've found a tuturial in one of the pinned topics and am begining on my first game.
I've got my idea its going to be a RPG meets 2-D fighting game.
What do you think?
Robin_Gravel Wait

I'm working on similar game called 'Serguei's destiny 2'

A demo is out. You'll find it at:

Robin Gravel

OS-Bones Is there a place where I can download AGI Studio for free?
Robin_Gravel You'll find it at my site.

Just click on 'utilities section' on my site.

Robin Gravel
OS-Bones Thanks Robin!
By the way your game looks great!
Do you have MSN? I'd like to talk to you more about AGI.
OS-Bones okay everytime I try to open a template it always says It can't.
Robin_Gravel Do you have XP? And did you download pic editor too.
You cannot draw backgrounds without it.

Sorry I don't have MSN.

Sometimes, I go to this chatroom:

If you are lucky, you can chat with me.

Robin Gravel
Kon-Tiki Hehehe, Robin, I think he means more like Zelda II, Ninja Boy, etc, where the fighting element's in a Super Mario-style with dependancy on stats. SD2 has a turn-based system, which's something completely different.
At least I think he means such a fighting system.
Anyways, you can get the Studio at Brian's site, Nick's site, Chris' site, the Studio's programmer's (Nailhead) site, my site and tons of others too ;) The Studio's free and almost everybody who uses it and has a site likes to host it.

Anyways, it's probably XP flaring up again. The thing's to AGI like haemmorhoids are to a butt. The solution for the problem should be somewhere in this board (I'll just need some searching to find out where though)

Edit: found something even better
Robin_Gravel Hi Kon-Tiki

At least I think he means such a fighting system

I think you are right. Serguei's destiny looks more like Final Fantasy than Ninjaboy.

XP flaring up again

XP has bad reputation to run old games. That's why I never buy this crap.

Robin Gravel
OS-Bones first I'm going to start on a small project called "Henry Heartman"
Its about a guy who's head is turned into a heart so you have to catch the hearts that fall from the ceiling to get enough points to turn hin back into a man.

(By the way I'm not using XP, I'm running on safe, reliable old '98)
OS-Bones I need help.
Every time I try to run a game it won't why?
What will I need to get to run the game?
Where can I get it for free?
Joel to run the games, you'll need an interpreter. you can get pretty much everything you need here:
OS-Bones Which one do you suggest?
Kon-Tiki Nagi's the best you can get, but if it's for running through the Studio, I suggest the one that comes with the template game (
Robin_Gravel You can use Nagi as well with agi studio. Just select nagi.exe as executable file.

Robin Gravel
OS-Bones With the help of Kon-Tiki I now have my first game Idea.
The game will be called "New World Theif".
It's about a theif who sneaks onto a boat and travels to the new world. While on the boat you will steal money from rich snobs, then after leaving the boat make a new life for yourself with that money.
sonneveld hey nice. I always loved the thief character in the quest for glory games.

- Nick
Kon-Tiki Kinda sounds like Little Pirate, but still different.
Anyway, can't wait to see the game (or at least some screenshots)
Oliver sounds cool. Can't wait to play it (or atleast a demo) ;).

anonymous Be sure not to distribute the game too early.
Make sure you are completely satisfied with it first.
No one likes crap-games.
Joey agi studio is free man. i have msn if you wish to talk to me about AGI and stuff. i can help you out. my msn screen name is