Bruno's Slice

Bruno I am making a sequal to Hero's Quest I: So You Want To Be A Hero. It's called, Hero's Quest: Bruno's Slice. The main character in the game is still the Wizard, Fighter, Or Thief. Only this time I've added something new. You can now pick your race. Yep, that's right. You can be a human, an elf, an orc, a minituar, a gnome, dwarf, or rakash... This took an increadable amount of time to make. But, I think it will be pretty sweat. I need any ideas from anyone. Just any ideas at all for the game, the characters, or the plot... Anything guys.
cloudee1 So uhm when does this edition take place before or after 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.5?

Have you figured out how to make it load my saved character(stats) from previous quests?

Where is this thing going to take place?

If you are going to add the options of the race may I suggest not making a "Hero's Quest" or "Quest for Glory" but that's your call, It sounds pretty cool though, to have that many options, have you already drawn the character views (ego). Getting the pictures right seems to me to be the hardest part of game creation, If the to-be plot doesn't rotate around what species you are you might just want to use some of those drawings as interactive characters rather than controllable characters, I counted 7 characters with an option of 3 skills that is 21 times someone has to play this game before they can explore every avenue, and from a programming standpoint that is similar to writing the scripts for 21 games, :o uhm are you up for that :o.

Regardless, Bruno (one of the brigands right?) somehow has fled speilburg after the death of his companion in 1. Maybe he followed the mountain troll which you gave the fruit to, and has amassed a troll army. Maybe he has secretly fallen in love with the daughter you saved and is planning to return to speilburg with this army and reclaim his love and avenge his friend, maybe bruno's gay and his friend was his love.

I dunno just rambling know, but I can say that I haven't played Hero's Quest 1 more than a dozen times I don't think I would ever beat a single game 21 times, I'm afraid that this much effort might be wasted on just too many options, You might want to scale down your efforts,

Sierra= 3 plots
Bruno= 21 plots

Sierra employees= 32
Bruno employees= 1

But I don't want to discourage you.I will play it if you make it.
Paladinlover Will the Katta be a choice for the races?

Till next time stay cool 8)