Star Wars!

rwfromxenon I started a new game, which WILL be completed (unless my HDD crashes again).

Star Wars Training, is an AGI game where you train to be a Jedi or a Sith, under the watchful eye of either Master Yoda or Darth Sidious.

You learn to handle a lightsaber, fight, use the force (dark side 8)) and fly Imperial or Rebel starfighters.

Here is a snapshot of the game.

Oh, yeah, if anyone can write me a sound resource for the theme of Star Wars, and the Imperial march, (they won't convert :() I'll be verry happy :)
Robin_Gravel Good luck with your new game.

One advice: once you leave agi studio for something else, save your game on diskette. This way, you will not lose any
programs you made.

My computer was crashed in 2002. Fortunely agi games I'm working are saved. Only one game is lost: Stony Stone. Forgot to save it on diskette.

Robin Gravel
Eigen Imperial March, AGI sound and midi. Converted from a guitar tab. See the attach.

Eigen And here's the theme.

rwfromxenon Thanks, Eigen!

Sami_Tervo Fascinating, another Star Wars-project >:)....Does one gets somekind of world saving mission after? Like one would have to fight against goodie-good do-gooder jedi/evil meanie sith as final opponent?

save your game on diskette

Ack, I personally got really bad feeling about those antivirussoftware literaly destroys one when insert diskette into floppydrive (though it can be coped by deactivating the software)...Usb-storages are nice option since they are quite cheap and can contain lots of stuff...among Cd-rws..
my antivirussoftware literaly destroys one

I never heard an antivirus destroys a diskette. Probably, your diskette drive needs to fix.

Robin Gravel
Eero R That's why I don't use floppies at all (I even boot from CD)... USB memory is actually a better choice than CD-RW.