Quest for Glory II SCI Hybrid

spilliswillis I learned that QFG2 is an SCI hybrid, using both SCI0 and SCI1. Is there a way to view QFG2 currently in SCI Studio or are there plans. I'm just looking to extract the PIC files from resource but get stack overflow messages. Please help.

AGI1122 SCI Studio 4 will be able to open ALL SCI games regardless of what version of SCI they used, so QFG2 will work with it.
Paladinlover The Beta version of SCI studio can open QFG 2 also. But it can't save the changes to the views/pics/texts that I make.

Till next time stay cool 8)
spilliswillis How can I get this BETA version??
Kon-Tiki Don't forget to request a beta version if you do, otherwise you still won't get it.
spilliswillis Ok, I donated and requested a beta, but still no beta.
AGI1122 The key word is "patience" he doesn't check his mail all the time, and sometime he get's trigger happy with the delete button because of the ammount of spam he receives so sometimes he accidentally deletes his mail.
spilliswillis wrote:

Ok, I donated and requested a beta, but still no beta.

I didn't get an email from you, or missed it. I barely use bri_da_man@hotmail anymore because I get far too much junk mail even with filters. I should update my site with a new form based email system with a new address that isn't public. I will look in my paypal logs and send it to the email address there.
spilliswillis Hi, Brian, I don't mean to be a pest, but just wanted to let you know I still haven't gotten the SCI Studio 4 BETA.
Brian_Provinciano Sorry for the wait. It's been sent, along with decompiled scripts from QFG2 and other games for you to play with (even LSL7!). Enjoy!