King's Quest 4 AGI

juncmodule If I own King's Quest 4 SCI and someone allows me to download King's Quest 4 AGI is that stealing?

I'm not one to do the whole pirate thing...but, I would like King's Quest 4 AGI, just to play. If anyone would like to sell an original I would happily purchase it. However, I doubt that would EVER happen. So, if someone could be so kind as to email me or post a link for a copy that would be great.

And mods, please be kind, I'm not trying to get abandonware links posted. I do own another version of the game, I simply want an older version.

AGI1122 They sold the AGI version seperately, so I don't think it counts as the same game as the one with the SCI engine.

Sorry, but I think this should be locked because it is illegal to download it. And you should note that it is still illegal to download the games EVEN if you already own them.