polls about Naturette II.

Robin_Gravel I saw what Brian Provinciano has left his SCI Studio maybe forever.

I wonder if you like to see Naturette 2 in:

AGI mouse like DG: the agimouse adventure game.

Keep Naturette 2 in sci games if I may find for more informations how the sci works.

The old way of agi: type in writing.

Naturette 2 in AGS like King's Quest 1 VGA. I don't know how the AGS works but I can spend to it.

Or any others suggestions.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 What I think is you could always make two versions of the game one with the AGI typeing and one with the AGI mouse patch this way you can please different gamers. I also think looking more into SCI is a good thing. As for AGS I personally would not do it because it is not an authentic Sierra style game. But it is your choice on which action you decide to take.
Nailhead I'd take AGI or SCI over AGS anyday. :)
Robin_Gravel AGS games are the same like sci vga from Sierra unless you don't like point and click games.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 The thing I don't like about AGS is that it is not an authentic Sierra style game it is just AGS. I do however like AGS but I still prefer to play AGI and SCI.
Robin_Gravel Hi agi1122

But with AGS you don't need the sci interpreter to play a fan made sci vga game.

When the sci games 16 colors become available, some makers
will throw off the sci interpreter to put their games to theirs sites.

Robin Gravel